First Meet Up notes

January 24, 2015

The first meet up for the future group was held on 1/24 at the Baltimore Playhouse. The group brunched and discussed the history of the Girls movement, what girl space meant to each person there, and what they’d like out of this space moving forward.

1st group:
Coco, Dawn Marie, Theatricaltoy, Cherry, Jenn, Danie, Debbie, Layne, Rickie, violet_surrender, Rebecca, Margaret Irene, BmoreViolet, xanthia_star, Lacivious

What does being a girl mean to you?  
community service, giving heart, visibility, sisterhood, sisters, , empowerment, safe space, intentional space, femininity, conflicted- longing for intimacy, service, femme armor, however i do it today, women energy, gentle space, not invisible, home, feminine, visibility, intentional space, empowerment, confidence, intimacy, visibility, empowerment girlspacefinal2
What do you want to see/do with group? 
makeup/hair/nails skill shares, pampering, sleepover, body affirming (pudding wrestling), dancing, service opportunities, support each other, massage, skill shares, boot blacking, hair/makeup/etc, presence at events, make/claim space, service, volunteering, skill share, tea party, skill shares, service, activities in philly area, female empowerment, burlesque class, all the things, buddy list for going to other spaces, queer leather space, support other efforts, female spirituality, intentional/ritual space, volunteer opportunities, buddy system, makeup, coconut oil wrestling, all the things
Future Actions:
Set date for next meet up- tentatively 2/21
Bring a friend!

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